About Us

God placed the vision and inspiration of LIVING WORD BIBLE FELLOWSHIP in the heart of Dr. Kevin S. Hairston over 20 years ago.  During these years Dr. Hairston and his wife, Mia, have served in many leadership roles, God was equipping them for the work of ministry and to fulfill the plan and the vision that was given. After the leading of the Holy Spirit and much prayer, the LIVING WORD BIBLE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH was planted in June 2004 with 11 people.
For the first year in ministry, the Church worshiped out of Woodcrest Elementary School, in which the Lord blessed numerically, financially, and spiritually. After the first year in ministry, God continued to show them that He was able to do exceedingly and abundantly all that they could ask or imagine.  They were then blessed to renovate a bread store into a wonderful worship establishment. But God would see fit that they would look beyond the school and the bread store in search of a permanent location to stabilize the church’s families and give the ministry an opportunity to visibly connect with the surrounding community.
Once again the church’s prayers were answered.  God blessed LIVING WORD BIBLE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH with a beautiful worship center in September of 2011 to continue to bring glory and honor to His name. Needless to say, we have been able to continue to welcome new families, members, visitors, and serve the underserved within our community. We welcome you to join us on our God driven journey!
Dr. K. Hairston and Minister Mia Hairston