Our Faith – This is the teaching in which our hope and trust resides, which has been handed down through the centuries. We must guard the doctrine from corruption by remaining true to historical interpretations while examining the evidence for ourselves.
Our Family – Many forces are in place that are weakening and undermining the authority of the family. By training and encouraging each family member not only is the family made better, but also the church and society.
Our Finances – The use and/or abuse of our financial resources has a profound effect upon all aspects of our lives. The specific application of financial principles can go hand in hand with the dissemination of general financial concepts. This combination can lead to a healthy financial picture.
Our Friends – Our friendships will either make us better or bring us to shame. The best atmosphere in which friendship and accountability can be fostered is in small care groups which are an integral part of our ministry.
Our Fellowship – The idea of coming together in corporate worship is still a much needed activity even with the continually increasing number of radio and television ministries. Our presence at the local assembly allows us to express and use our talents, gifts, and abilities to further advance the Kingdom of God.